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During the BP MC 252 Response, Budwine & Associates has provided third party safety oversight in support of operations as a subcontractor to the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH). This oversight was accomplished by the deployment of safety observers, who were also Dive Medicine Technicians (DMT). These individuals have been specifically trained on safe operations in an offshore marine environment as well as being qualified paramedics prepared to respond, assess, treat, and transport personnel suffering from an occupational illness or injury. Post incident the DMT would then properly document and report the incident and deliver the same to his supervisor.

Supervising the field operations and acting as a liaison between the safety and operations departments has been the responsibility of a qualified Marine Safety Manager (MSM). This individual has capitalized on his years of experience and expertise in the marine industry to assess the ongoing marine operations, develop the appropriate safety oversight, manage the logistics necessary to accomplish the requisite safety response, and communicate all of the above to the field observers, operations controllers, and safety officers.

The combination of these skilled individuals, strategically placed in the field and command positions, has culminated in the successful, safe, and comprehensive support of this response project.

Hurricane Katrina
Budwine & Associates, Inc. assisted the industry with consultation in reorganizing and structuring company's fleets as well as coordinating salvage operations for casualty vessels sunk in the Mississippi River.
Liquid Asphalt Spill
Budwine and Associates, Inc. assisted in providing an incident commander in Louisville, KY. A vessel lost control of a liquid asphalt tow of barges and hit the bull nose of the long wall of a lock and dam. One of the barges crossed over a dam and hit a pier of a railroad bridge perpendicular and flipped on its side resulting in leaking out 1600 tons of liquid asphalt. Budwine assisted as a commanding liaison in the cleanup efforts, controlling the company asset, and the environmental and economic impact through completion of the project.
Calcium Zink Bromide Tank Barge
Budwine & Associates, Inc. assisted in providing incident command in Memphis, TN. A vessel was discharge improperly at an unloading facility thus resulting in a sinking. The barge was loaded with Calcium Zink Bromide and was concluded with losing all of its cargo. Budwine assisted again with controlling assets and the economic and environmental impact by contracting out all necessary parties to prove due diligence in the incident.

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